Simhanagadde (original name – Yadehalli) also popularly called as Narasimharajapura (N.R.Pura) is a small village located adjacent N.R.Pura town, a taluk centre in the Chikamagalur district of Karnataka.

Mahadwara – There are two Mahadwaras leading to the temple. One of these was inaugurated in the year 1994 and the other in the year 2000 (donated by Smt & Sri Rajkumar Sethi of Calcatta in memory of their late son Anubhav Kumar Sethi).

Below are the facility available:

Vyshali Bhavana – Vyshali Bhavana was Inaugurated in 1987.
Heggade Guest House – Heggade Guest House constructed in 1994.
Aishwarya Guest House – Aishwarya Guest House was inaugurated on 19th March 2001.
Vatsalya Bhavan (Guest House) – Vatsalya Bhavan was built by the donations from Sri Mohan Lal Chandravathi Jain Charitable trust, New Delhi in memory of Late Sri Lal Sripal Jain. This was inaugurated on 4th April 2002.
Manikya Bhavana –  Manikya Bhavana was constructed in 1994.
Mahavir Bhavan – Mahavir Bhavan was built in 1996.
Sri Jwalamalini Girls High School – Sri Jwalamalini Girls High School school was started on 13th September 1984.
Samanthabadhra Gnanapeetha – Samanthabadhra Gnanapeetha was established in 1972-73. It has around 50 students studying here.
Jeevan Sandhya Vrudda Ashrama – Home for the aged was started in 1993.
Community Hall/Chandra Shale – A very huge community hall on the way to the main temple (Goddess Sri Jwalamalini temple) was constructed by donations from Dr.D.Veerendra Heggade of Dharmasthala. It was inaugurated on 25th March 2008.
Brahmacharya Ashrama
Bhattarakha Bhavana
Kshetrapala Guest House
Yatri Nivas
Mataji Guest House
Vyshali Guest House