Sri Simhanagadde Mata

Simhanagadde (original name – Yadehalli) also popularly called as Narasimharajapura (N.R.Pura) is a small village located adjacent N.R.Pura town, a taluk centre in the Chikamagalur district of Karnataka.

Installation of Jwalamalini Idol and Origin of the name
Gerusoppe, situated in the Honnavara Taluk of Uttara Kannada district is a small village in central Karnataka. This was the capital of Salva kings and flourished as one of the chief centres of Jainism in Karnataka. This had been the holy abode of Goddess Jwalamalini for few centuries and had a huge followership in the region. It is said to have continued till around 15-16th century.

The Jain muni Acharya Samathabadhra was looking after the place around this time. It is said that around this time Goddess Jwalamalini had felt that Gerusoppe is on the verge of extinction and is said to have appeared in the dreams of Samathabadhra Acharya and indicated the same to Acharya and asked him to move her idol from that place. As a result of this the Acharya is said to have traveled along the eastern direction with the idol on a bullock cart. While on his search to find the right place he crossed across Yadehalli (the present N.R.Pura) and was mesmerised on seeing an astonishing scene there. He found a cow grazing along with its calf in the midst of a ‘Gadde’ (fields) and a ‘Simha’ (Lion). The Simha was seen to be interacting with cow in a very calm and composed manner in contrary to its ferocious nature. He was astonished to see this and felt this as the right place to install the idol of the Goddess Jwalamalini. Since then the place is popularly known as ‘Simhanagadde’.

Further, the Yuvaraja of Mysore dynasty – Narasimharaja Wodeyar had visited this place in 1915.
Since, then the town has been named as Narasimharajapura in memory of his visit.

Bhattarakha Seat at Simhanagadde
After installing the idol of Goddess Jwalamalini, Acharya Samanthabadhra spent most of his time here by involving in spiritual activities. During the course of his stay after a period of time he felt that he is nearing Samadhi and was concerned about the future of the place. It is around this time that the temple’s bells started ringing by themselves. On seeing around he found a person coming towards the temple wearing a saffron clad. The person was none other than Sri Lakshmisena Bhattarakha Swamiji, the pontiff of erstwhile Penukonde Jain Mutt. Looking at him Acharya Samanthabadhra felt that he was the right person to look after the place and advised to establish a Bhattaraka seat at Simhanagadde. Since then the Lakshmisena Bhattarakha seat has been established here and is popularly called as Simhanagadde Basti Mutt. The pontiff of this mutt is also said to be the pontiff of the Jain mutts at Delhi, Kolhapur, Jinakanchi and Penukonda. In addition to this there are sub branches of the mutt at Madugiri (Tumkur district of Karnataka), Nagamangala & Bellur (Mandya district of Karnataka).